Getting a full boat repaint not only gives your large investment a great new look, it also protects the boat itself which in turn increases the lifespan and value of your vessel. A full boat repaint may seem like a large investment but in the long run, it can save you money. Deteriorating paint could lead to structural damage if not addressed early and mean spending more money later down the line on expensive boat repairs.

Your boat will look great when repainted! At Rowe Boat Painters we work hard to complete all our jobs in a timely manner. With more than ten years experience in the boat painting industry our marine painters pride themselves on excellent workmanship.

Rowe Boat Painters can manage your whole boat painting project from beginning to finish.
Being based in Auckland means we can liaise with local Auckland marinas for safe and timely haulage from the water and safe transporting to where the vessel will be painted. We can easily collaborate with boat builders and other associated marine trades for a hassle-free project. Some vessels will require more extensive preparation work than others, and we’re more than happy to help you with this. Our marine painters have experience applying a wide array of boat painting systems, so we can help you choose a system that’s perfect for your vessel.

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